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Application Instructions


1. Lay the graphic face down on a flat work area. Using a squeegee, credit card, or any flat item, firmly rub graphic area starting from the center and moving out toward the edges. This is to insure that the decal is attached to the “PREMASK”. PLEASE NOTE FOR CHROME OR METAL DECALS THIS IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT!

Apply a single horizontal strip of 2" masking tape to the top of the graphic. The strip should be split between the graphic and the surface with 1" on each side (as shown). This strip will be used as a hinge that will insure the graphic does not move during the application process.





2. Hold the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the surface and remove the “LINER” to reveal the sticky backing of the vinyl.

CAUTION: Do not let the exposed graphic fall onto the surface. The back of the graphic is very tacky and will tightly adhere to the surface. If the placement is not correct, removing the graphic for re-placement will be very difficult or impossible without causing damage to the vinyl.






3. While still holding the hinged graphic away from the surface. Use the squeegee or credit card and go from top to bottom, begin to merge the graphic to the surface.

Notes: Work from top to bottom. Do not let the entire graphic fall onto the surface. If lines or creases develop, lift and re-place the graphic.





4. Once the graphic is in proper position and lying perfectly flat on the surface. Go from the center working outward, use firm strokes with the squeegee to insure the elements adhere to the surface.






5. Gently remove the “PRE-MASK”. Be careful not to pull the graphic up with the “PRE-MASK” paper.




That’s it! Your sticker is now worry free.


It will last through rain, sleet, snow and gentle washings. You can remove the sticker from glass surfaces with a razor blade or in most cases a fingernail will get the removal process started.